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“Artist” Signature Tee by Wakasi (Heavyweight)

“Artist” Signature Tee by Wakasi (Heavyweight)

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Designed to inspire art from the heart <3

I started selling art 4 years ago with no prior art education, mentors or even interest in drawing. So since ive started, the title "Artist" leaves a funny taste in my mouth sometimes. We, in our respective professions, spend our day performing similar tasks, producing results to progress and then receive feedback in different formats. Good or bad can alter emotions, yet the comparison built by title expectations ("artist") shades your self confidence. Especially for artists, the "imposter syndrome" can limit the inner creativity and, more importantly, self-esteem to produce art. This design symbolizes you, (the hummingbird) who is perfect as they are, making art that isn't restricted by the judgement of others, but created out of the love for art, only.

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